How 5 Talented Yoga Chefs Are Changing The Eating Habits of Americans

For many years we’ve fought through temptations to find a healthier way to eat without much success. We can say that we’ve learned a lot and that we are aware of healthy eating than before. But that doesn’t eliminate the fact that many people around the world are still suffering because of bad nutrition and hunger.

Five well-known yoga chefs, Terry, Joshi, Mathew, Cat Cora, and Louisa, have taken a step further to try and change how Americans eat for a better living. These five yoga chefs believe that the only way we can make our health and well-being better is through food.

Meet these five innovative chefs

Yoga Chef Joshi – She connects classrooms to farms

Anupama Joshi, a co-director at National Farm to School Network in Chicago, claims that many school children don’t know the sources of the foods they eat and that many of them have never seen raw fresh foods. For that reason, these kids are only familiar with processed foods and that is what Farm-School Network is trying to change.

According to her, food should play an important part of the way schools are run because to improve the way children learn as well as their overall well-being. Now, several Farm to Schools programs connect schools to local farms and are offering children an opportunity to eat fresh foods that are locally grown in their cafeterias.

Also, they get to learn about healthy nutrition by performing farm tasks. Even with all the work, Joshi still finds time to practice yoga at least three times a week whether she is at home or school. She suggests that everyone should spare at least some few minutes or hours daily to strengthen their outer and inner self.

Yoga Chef Bryant Terry – He feeds for change

Bryant Terry is a yoga chef, a writer, and a food activist currently residing in California. He spent his entire childhood trying to learn how to grow as well as prepare healthy food from his grandparents who were living in Memphis. After graduating in history from New York University, Bryant became more concerned about racism, low-standard nutrition, and poverty.

He also realized that the same communities that were suffering from malnutrition had many overweight people as well as those who suffered nutrition-based diseases such as hypertension and more. For that reason, he joined New York’s Natural Gourmet Institute for health and Culinary Arts with the aim of helping these communities live better lives by eating healthily.

According to Terry, yoga is one of the things that influenced his career. He continues to say that yoga made him develop an interest in social justice, activism, and food. Together with Katchie Ananda, a yoga teacher in San Francisco, they’ve been trying to help people understand the relationship between healthy eating and discovering connection within oneself. Also, visit Yoga Burn Review if you have not already.

Yoga Chef Cat Cora – Feeds the world

Cat Cora is known for her participation in Food Network and other humanitarian projects. In the year 2004, she founded Chefs for Humanity, an organization that raises funds as well as marshals resources aimed at saving the world from hunger.

She has an idea to establish a place where people can come together and figure out ideas that would solve hunger and nutrition issues around the world and public schools. In the previous year, she joined United Nations World Food Program with the aim of raising money to save the victims of Haiti earthquake. She contributed up to $10, 000 from her pocket and encouraged other chefs to do the same.

Overall, the UNWFP was able to raise up to $100, 000 that was used to develop programs for agriculture, nutrition education as well as food distributed to those who were affected. Cora is also willing to help all the kids in the United States, and the entire world to get healthy food. Besides her efforts in saving the world, Cora uses Yin-style and restorative yoga to achieve balance in what she is doing.

Yogi Chef Mathew – Introduces Americans to raw cuisine

Mathew who was one of the high-profile chefs in New York changed to be a vegan. He established Pure Food & Wine in the year 2004 which become the first restaurant in New York to create awareness of raw food. Due to his raw food approach, many restaurants, as well as consulting projects, have developed an interest in raw food for healthy eating.

When Kennedy who is an expert chef from French Cuisine saw how the movement was growing, he came up with a curriculum that would offer up to 105 degrees to the new generation of raw-food chefs. The curriculum featured ingredients, raw food philosophy, methods and much more.

Approximately, ten students are currently in the program, and Kennedy estimates that 150 students will have graduated by this coming spring. He links his 15-year yoga experience to his flexibility and transparency to a healthy diet. He says that yoga makes it easy for you to be creative.

Yoga Chef Louisa Shafia – Focused on Eco-Friendly Cooking

Louisa got the motivation to choose her career path by spending the whole summer working as a cook as well as attending Kundalini Yoga classes. She says that she loved seeing everyone enjoying the food she prepared. And for that reason, she joined Natural Gourmet Institute in New York and employed her eco-friendly cooking style at one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco called Millennium.

In the year 2004, she established Lucid Food Catering with the aim of achieving a sustainable catering. She bought local ingredients using recyclable tableware and ensured that the kitchen she was working in was free of waste. The Small Planet Institute and US Green Building Council got interested in what she was doing and decided to host several events to promote their green values.

Today she works as a consultant for food franchises that are interested in green practices. She has also published a book titled Lucid Food – Cooking for an Eco-Conscious life and also offers cooking lessons to organizations such as CSA as well private clients.

Terry, Joshi, Mathew, Cat Cora and Louisa have sacrificed their lifestyle to help the world realize the benefits of eating healthy. Their efforts have continuously altered the way American eats and sooner or later, they will reach out to the whole world.